Categories of racing

The Welsh Sea Rowing Association recognises the following categories in league events:



Juniors race at the age they will be at the end of the season ie 30 September. For example, a person born on 1 October 1995 will still be 18 on 30 September 2014 so is eligible to race Under 18's for the 2014 season.

Juniors must be 14 before they are permitted to row in any junior race.

Due to the small number of junior crews racing, there are no mixed categories in junior racing. A crew consisting of male and female junior rowers (any number in any configuration) may race as an Open crew in the relevant age category. Junior crews will be designated by the oldest rower. Under 16 rowers may row in Under 18 events. All junior categories race in the same event. Therefore 'doubling up' of rowers is not possible. It is not advised that juniors 'double up' in junior and senior races, although this is not banned.

Non-WSRA races may have different rules concerning categories (particularly juniors). Please check regulations before entering crews.

Novice crews - race at the same time as Junior crews. The novice crews have no restrictions on gender and no age categories. Novices races do not earn league points.

A novice is classed as a person who is within their first year of affiliation to the WSRA, once they are affiliated for a second time, they are no longer classed as a novice. An affiliation year runs from 1st April until 31st March. If individuals wish to compete in a novice class, even when they are no longer a novice, they are welcome to do so, but the boat must be entered as a non-competitive crew on the race entry form.


Yoles will race in the same races as the relevant category in longboat races. There is no breakdown of Yole size for league points due to the small number of competing boats.